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Let’s face it, starting a business or activity needs a good web presence. We’ve put quite some effort into identifying the problems and work out a solution. Our IT guy has 30 years experience in the field and here is the outcome after watching the Precious Plastic community over a longer period : 

The templates can be configured to your needs during the installation : 

  • single individual / workshop already advanced 
  • a group trying to start a recycling work-space, with or without funding

Here are some previews (not incl. any Precious Plastic related content)

The technology

The package is based on a fully pre-reconfigured WordPress installation with quite some popular plugins already installed : 

  • translate content
  • easy to use drag’n drop content editor
  • Strong SEO features 
  • complete social integration : likes, comments, signup with Google, Facebook, etc…
  • pre-configured structure of content (with categories) : FAQ, products, component, machines, team-members, portfolio items, galleries
  • multi-user / multi – language
  • mobile ready (press F12)
  • performance out of the box
  • advanced statistics
  • optional : integration Slack (team messenger), and a few more options to come
  • shop system with many options and plugins
  • subscribe and newsletters
  • you can easily plug over 50000 more plugins
  • choose from 1000 + more apps and solutions in the integrated application center
  • spam and lots of other security measures integrated

The entire solution is backed up by the WordPress community as well the plugin provider’s support and documentation.

Soon you can setup your own instance of this system by purchasing a clone or complete hosting solution for friend price. The plain copy is for free but needs a more experienced administrator to install this package on your server. The hosting solution will be around 100 Euro the entire year but also includes then your email domain. We’re not sure yet to simple create user spaces here on this page so you can dive in directly without any hassle.

What else

By using this system we hope we can create also a system to easily share knowledge among the sites, opt-in but also create a compelling network directory around Precious Plastic. More about this later.

The first version will be available in July

Here some screen shots of the back end interface 

manage your pages and translations

Content editor, drag’n drop as well save or load templates

SEO Extras

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